Professional Collaboration

Business retirement planning is a team effort, usually requiring the coordinated involvement of one or more specialists in addition to your Exit Planning coach, who brings extensive business expertise of their own. To develop a successful transition plan, most or all of the following—and possibly more—may be required during the exit planning process. Experts with detailed knowledge of:

  • Estate Planning,
  • Wealth Management/Financial Advising,
  • Business Law,
  • Business Valuation,
  • Tax Law,
  • Insurance Products and Risk Assessment.

As a family business Exit Planning coach, it is my role to identify what specific gaps remain in any exit planning that has already been done—based on our Business Retirement Readiness Assessment™—and then select the necessary qualified professionals to join the exit planning team. Working together as a collaborative team, we then develop a comprehensive business exit plan that assures the business owner of a successful transition to their successor and retention of the legacy they’ve built over so many years.

While not all of these areas of specialization will be necessary to craft each successful exit plan, the two most often needed are estate planning and financial advising/wealth management. A detailed description of our collaborative relationship in each case is described in the following pages:

Estate Planners: How We Collaborate

Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers: How We Collaborate

Whatever your area of specialization, to explore how we can work together, please contact me.