Exit Planning: Consulting and Coaching

When you make the decision to retire, there are many options available to you. As a Family & Small Business Exit Planning Architect, I help you see a variety of options—options you may not be aware of—then help you make choices that are optimum for your situation and that of your family. I help you find key resources that you may need to prepare for a successful transition and to prepare your successor and your business to endure for many years after you retire.

Working with a coach & consultant is a very personal experience. Before we begin to work together, we meet to discuss your current situation and your personal and business goals as you exit your business. This initial consultation is at no cost and with no obligation to proceed further. During this initial meeting, we begin to develop our working relationship, and I’ll follow up with a written proposal of work to be done and the benefits you will receive as we continue working together, should you choose to do so.

To schedule an initial, no-cost breakthrough consultation, please contact me.