Creating the Business Legacy of Your Dreams

An Enduring Business Legacy

Creating a lasting legacy for your family business is a labor of love. When you started your business, you had a vision—a dream of what your business could become and what that would mean for you and your family many years hence. You have poured your heart and your soul into making that dream a reality. You have seen challenges and successes over the years, yet through your passion and belief in your dream, you have persevered and have now begun to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Unfortunately, a great many family businesses never generate the legacy the founder dreamed of. The Family Business Institute calculates that only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, only 12% into the third generation and only 3% into the fourth.

Most family business owners do not know why their business is likely to fail when they are ready to transition leadership and ownership of that business.

We founded Your Business Legacy because we believe in you and in your dream. Our passion is ensuring that you realize that dream to its fullest! We understand why businesses fail at this transition point and what to do to ensure their survival.

Why Am I Passionate About Your Family Business?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My father founded his automobile dealership in 1949. When he passed away prematurely in 1965, neither my brother nor I were prepared to take over the business. My mother sold his business after another year or two because it was too much for her to oversee. If I had known then what I know now, I would have advised her to consider other options that would have ensured the final years of her life were even more comfortable.

But more importantly, I would have advised my dad to put in place a comprehensive plan to ensure my mother benefited from the full value of the business legacy he had created and worked so hard for.

My passion is helping family business owners realize their dreams—for themselves, for their families, for their employees and other stakeholders, and to retire successfully and comfortably.

Your business legacy is far too important to leave to chance. I would love to help you feel absolutely confident you’ve planned for successful retirement at optimum value of the business you’ve created.

At Your Business Legacy, we help family business owners ensure the optimum value of their business legacy for themselves and for their families when they retire.

The Value of Your Business Legacy

The ultimate value of your business legacy—especially the wealth you’ve created through your family business at the time of your retirement—is critically dependent on five factors:

  1. How effectively you have created and grown that value and the wealth you’ve created.
  2. The protective shield—both legal and tax—you have put in place to protect and enhance the value created.
  3. The succession plan you have put in place—who will next manage the business.
  4. The exit plan itself—how you will transition the business to the next generation or owner.
  5. The ability of the business to sustain profits after you leave.

At Your Business Legacy, we review your leadership transition plans in each of these five areas to ensure you have a comprehensive business legacy plan that provides the optimum value of your business for yourself and for your family.

For more about how we can help you realize and preserve your business legacy, see our Exit Planning & Coaching , Business Retirement Readiness Assessment ™, and Business Sustainability Assessment ™ services.

Who Am I?


My passion is helping individuals and their businesses achieve phenomenal, enduring success! I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in a variety of capacities—business, management, marketing and sales consultant; sales, marketing, and systems development manager; intrapreneur (in-house entrepreneur); educator; custom education solutions consultant; and systems designer. Throughout, my underlying purpose has been to create greatest possible value for those whom I serve.

As a Family Business Exit Coach, I work with you in a consultative style which truly listens to you, honors your desires and goals, and incorporates these into our work together. I value our relationship, collaboration, and mutual respect—and the significant resulting benefits.

Two themes underlie all aspects of my coaching. The first is the creation of significant value, which has led to an attitude of “What else is possible; in what other ways can I create the greatest possible value for you?” This theme is especially evident in my approach to collaborative solutions—a striving to create such value for you that you truly appreciate the results we create together.

The second is my strong desire to see you succeed spectacularly, which has led to conscious choices to work exclusively with family businesses.

Please see my About page for more.