Business Longevity Assessment™

For How Many Years Will Your Business Thrive?

Through our proprietary Business Longevity Assessment™, we help you identify and assess the potential risk of all the key factors that contribute to long-term business success. The Business Longevity Assessment™ is a systematic review on three levels of the risk profile of all those aspects of your business that are the key contributors to enduring success over decades.

Business Longevity Assessment

The Business Longevity Assessment™ is comprised of three levels of key risk factor identification and assessment, each level successively building on the findings of the previous level. The three levels are:

  • The Assessment of Foundation™ is a deep examination of why you are in business, your dream for your business, and what you need to ensure the realization of that dream.
  • The Assessment of Core™ is an in-depth examination of the “how” of your business—specifically, how you create value for all your stakeholders, ensuring profitable returns over an extended period of time.
  • The Assessment of Assets™ reviews the key assets of your business and how you grow and develop these assets over time, thereby ensuring they endure over the life of your business, yet keep pace with all the changes your business will go through over the decades of its life.

We work with you to whatever level you feel most comfortable. The starting point is the Assessment of Foundation®. The result of our working together at this level is that you will have an explicit statement of the business legacy that you have chosen to leave, and you will have a detailed identification of all key success factors that are required for your business to achieve that legacy.

If you choose to go into your business more deeply, the Assessment of Core™ analysis will build on the findings of the Affirmation of Foundation™ to examine all critical value- and profit-creating aspects of your business to ensure they provide a solid foundation on which your business can thrive for decades.

Finally, if you choose to take this last step, the Assessment of Assets™ will review the key assets of your business (both physical and digital) that are vital to achieving your business legacy. This review will ensure that your plans to maintain, upgrade, or replace key assets are sound, effective, and timely.

It is your choice how deeply you elect to review your business and its requirements for enduring success in achieving the legacy that you desire. We work with you at your level of comfort and need. 

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Next Steps

For more information about the Business Longevity Assessment™ and how it can help you very successfully reach your business legacy goals, please contact us for a free initial breakthrough consultation. We’ll show you how we can help you successfully create your dream for your business.